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Marketing Bootcamp: Next Level Growth

Tue, Jun 18 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM

Marketing Bootcamp: Next Level Growth What you need to know to make great ads that work!

Now that you have hit your stride with your business, understand the concepts and principles that go into creating great ads that work, so that you can effectively super boost your business results by reaching more people.

Understand which form of advertising is the right one for you based on what your goals are by learning, in a group, about the standard media options and exploring what each one is most effective for. Practice creating ads in workshop sessions and receive real time feedback.

This bootcamp is for:

•Business owners who are ready to consider allocating a larger annual marketing and advertising budget.

•Businesses who have a solid foundation set with their websites and social media.

•Businesses who are ready for the next level of growth.

Fee: No Cost